Publication of the Report of the SME Taskforce: SME and Entrepreneurship Growth Plan

Dublin 21 January, Minister of State Damien English TD and Minister of State Robert Troy TD have today invited the distribution of the SME Taskforce’s, ‘SME and Entrepreneurship Growth Plan’.

The Growth Plan was created by a taskforce of business people, business pioneers and others as set up under a responsibility in the Program for Government – ‘Our Shared Future’ and who are remarkably situated to add to a drawn out vision for the SME area in Ireland.

The SME Taskforce’s Growth Plan sets out a wide scope of suggestions for Government with long haul key pertinence for SMEs and business people, remembering for the zones of digitalisation, grouping, guideline and schooling. These proposals will be inspected and taken forward, as suitable, by a SME and Entrepreneurship Implementation Group in mid 2021.

Priest of State for Business, Employment and Retail, Damien English TD stated,

“2020 was an incredibly testing year for organizations in Ireland, particularly for our little and medium endeavors. As organizations financially recover, we should get ready for the more drawn out term, past the prompt difficulties of COVID and Brexit, by setting out a supportable and key vision for our SMEs and business people.

The Taskforce’s SME and Entrepreneurship Growth Plan that is distributed today furnishes us with the point of view of the business local area on the principle difficulties and openings confronting SME proprietors and business visionaries. I’m appreciative for the time, responsibility and energy that the Taskforce individuals put into building up their aggregate perspectives so we can decide to upgrade the conditions and assets for Irish SME development and flourishing into what’s to come.

I anticipate the foundation of a SME and Entrepreneurship Implementation Group to analyze the recommendations set out in more detail, and to take the vision of this Growth Plan forward.”

Clergyman of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation, Robert Troy TD stated:

“I might want to thank the Members of the SME Growth Taskforce for their educated and thought about commitments in building up the SME and Entrepreneurship Growth Plan. SMEs and business visionaries assume a gigantically significant part in social attachment, local turn of events and the age of expansive based development and thriving across the whole country.

“The SME Taskforce’s ‘SME and Entrepreneurship Growth Plan’ gives an extensive arrangement of proposals and proposed activities to address a wide range of issues confronting the SME area. These incorporate measures to urge more business visionaries to begin organizations, to improve profitability, development and digitalisation in existing SMEs, to support business bunching and organizing structures, and to help more SMEs to send out. These suggestions, which come straightforwardly from individuals from the business local area, give a set-up of recommendations to the SME and Entrepreneurship Implementation Group to consider – and tap into the gigantic capability of our SME area which will eventually profit organizations, networks and residents.”

The advancement of the Taskforce’s SME and Entrepreneurship Growth Plan was educated by the new OECD Review of SME and Entrepreneurship Policy in Ireland, and depends on four topical columns: Entrepreneurship; Productivity, Digitalisation and Competitiveness; Clustering and Networks; and Internationalization. It additionally contains a devoted part on the atmosphere strategy setting for Irish SMEs. The Taskforce’s SME and Entrepreneurship Growth Plan is a significant contribution to the advancement of the Government’s impending National Economic Plan.

Airdin Mac Giolla

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